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Issue No. 13 Summer 2007

Militarising the Pacific. Fighting the militarisation of Guam

Guam is the southern most island of the Marianas Island Chain, in Micronesia. The native people of Guam call themselves and their language Chamoru.

US military build-up in Guam

The militarisation of the north-west Pacific is anchored around the small island of Guam.

Chamoru citizens for peace and justice petition

A petition to the United Nations and United States President Bush says in part: We the citizens for peace and justice on Guam voice our concern over the scheduled transfer of 8000 US Marines and the increased military buildup on Guam and the Asia/Pacific region post-September 11, 2001.

Militarisation and resistance in Hawai'i

The original militarisation of Hawai'i was driven by the desire of US leaders to access markets and resources in Asia and was amplified by their ideology of white supremacy.

Resistance - Kaho'olawe

Kaho'olawe is the smallest of the eight major islands in the Hawaiian archipelago. The island is sacred to Kanaka Maoli as an embodiment of the sea god Kanaloa.

Issue No. 12 Winter 2007

Successfull Protests Against Talisman Sabre War Games

The Talisman Sabre (TS07)military exercise took place throughout June over parts of Australia's coastline from Newcastle to Broome with 20,000 US and 12,000 Australian troops practising bombing, parachute drops and on-shore landings, combining land, sea, and air forces.

Developing the new US training bases

The Shoalwater Bay Training Area has been used by the ADF for many years. In 2004, however, the Howard Government took decisions which significantly increased the role of the area and increased the level of United States interference in Australia's internal and international affairs.

International Conference for the Abolition of Foreign Military Bases

In a significant step forward for the world wide campaign against military bases, some 400 activists from 40 countries came together in Ecuador from March 5 to 9. The conference was held in then on March 8, International Women's Day, participants travelled in an 8-bus caravan, led by Ecuadorean women's groups, down from the mountains to the port city of Manta. On March 9 there was a large march of international and local activists, focussing on the US military base in Manta.

Global Network against Weapons and Nuclear Power in Space 15th annual conference

The 15th annual space organising conference and membership meeting of the Global Network (GN) was held in Darmstadt (near Frankfurt), Germany on March 23 and 24.

Issue 11. Summer 2005

US to bomb Northern Territory

In another move into closer co-operation with US war fighting strategies, American B-52s and Stealth bombers will soon be dropping live bombs on the Northern Territory.

Hardened and Networked Army

The same tired arguments about future "uncertainty" and unpredictability" in the regional and global environment have been used to justify spending an additional $1.5 billion over the next ten years on expanding the army by 1,500 combat troops and restructuring it into new flexible "battle groups".

Shoot-to-Kill Bill

Prior to the 2000 Olympics the military were given extraordinary new powers to suppress civil disturbances, including protests and industrial disputes. Once deployed, the military forces were given wide-ranging powers to seize premises, places, and means of transport, detain people, search premises and seize things, and the use of "reasonable and necessary force", including shootto- kill powers

Peace activists penetrate Pine Gap

On the night of 8 December, four members of Christians against all Terrorism entered the prohibited area of the United States spy and warfighting base at Pine Gap in the Northern Territory in order to conduct a citizens' inspection of the establishment. This is a wonderful achievement!

Bush spies on American people

Pine Gap, the US military base near Alice Springs, may well be involved in spying on United States citizens.

Visit to Japan by AABCC Coordinator

From October 20 to 28, I was a guest of the Peace Forum, a section of a larger group called Gensuiken. During this time I was able to participate in and speak at a number of peace and anti-bases actions in Tokyo and Okinawa. The principal event was the International Anti-War and Anti-Base Meeting which had delegates South Korea, Guam, Philippines, Japan and Australia.

Whales and dolphins threatened by naval sonar

High-intensity naval sonar poses a serious threat to whales, dolphins and porpoises that depend on sound to survive, says a report by the United Nations Environment Program.

US to ship marines to Guam

Japan and the United States plan to begin moving U.S. Marines from Okinawa to Guam in 2008 and finish by 2012, Madeleine Bordallo, the Guam delegate to the U.S. House of Representatives, said in early November.

Australia to exercise with Kopassus again

Many peace activists are appalled that Australian forces are about to resume military exercises with Kopassus, the Indonesian Special Forces responsible for so much of the torture, rapes and murders throughout the decades-long Indonesian occupation of East Timor.

Radar research for Star Wars

Australia's involvement in the United States Star Wars project to control the earth from space took another step forward on December 16 when the Defence Science and Technology Organisation (DSTO) and the University of Adelaide signed an agreement to establish a Centre of Expertise in the university's School of Electrical and Electronic Engineering.

Australian troops for Philippines

Defense Minister Robert Hill said on 6 November that he expected a counter-terrorism training agreement to be finalised with the Philippines by the end of 2005.

Contracts and corruption

The Howard Government gives jobs and contracts to its friends, even when it is clear they are corrupt and dishonest. This is happening in both the industrial relations and the military areas.

NASA's plutonium could kill

On January 11, the window opens for a launch from Cape Canaveral of a rocket lofting a space probe a New Horizons mission to the planet Pluto with 24 pounds of plutonium fuel on board. Plutonium is considered the most deadly radioactive substance

Waihopai spybase protest

The Waihopai electronic intelligence gathering base is located in the Waihopai Valley, near Blenheim. First announced in 1987, it is operated by New Zealand's Government Communications Security Bureau (GCSB) in the interests of the foreign powers grouped together in the super-secret UKUSA Agreement (which shares global electronic and signals intelligence among the intelligence agencies of the US, UK, Canada, Australia and NZ).

U.S. drops nuclear 'bunker-buster' plans

In a significant victory for peace and security, the Bush administration in late October abandoned for the upcoming year its bid to research "bunker buster" nuclear weapons.

Indian Ocean Islanders take on the US

The island of Diego Garcia in the Indian Ocean is located perfectly from a strategic point of view. But when the US military adopted it as a military base, it was inconveniently populated. The people were driven out -- but now they want their home back.

Issue 10. Spring 2005

Opposition To Us Alliance

MARK Latham's opposition to the ANZUS Treaty were shared by one in five Labor Party candidates going into the last Federal election in October 2004. ALP candidates also lined up almost unanimously with Mr Latham's attacks on President George W. Bush.

Latham attacks US alliance in his diaries

In early September the Latham Diaries were published and caused a real stir. Most of the reports covered his views on various ALP personalities and the media. His opinion on the ANZUS alliance was noted and quickly dismissed.

US spy budget revealed

A top U.S. intelligence official has revealed what has long been secret -- the amount of money the United States spends on its spy agencies, according to a New York Times report.

Push for more military spending

The Kokoda Foundation is a newly established not-for-profit independent think-tank which conducts research into Australia's future security challenges. It is partly funded by the Defence Department.

US military presence in Australia

Late in July 2005, the AABCC requested Senator Kerry Nettle (Greens NSW) to ask about the numbers of US military personnel in Australia, using a US Department of Defense report called Worldwide Manpower Distribution by Geographical Area (2001) which said there were 663 Marines stationed in Australia.

KCB's Strategic Policy

Over the course of a long political career, Kim Christian Beazley has demonstrated an impressive consistency in his views on strategic policy. In 1974, he submitted his Masters' thesis to the University of Western Australia on "the evolution of Australian Labor Party attitudes to the United States alliance, 1961-1972".

Alternative Annual Report on Halliburton

In a alternative annual report , released on May 17 by CorpWatch, Halliburton's real 2004 track record is revealed. The report details everything from the company's unwillingness to prevent bribery, fraud, and corruption within its workforce to its inability to take proper precautions to protect its employees in Iraq.

Global military spending nears Cold War peak

Massive US spending on the "war on terrorism" pushed global military expenditure above $US1 trillion in 2004, the sixth successive year the total has risen, according to the Stockholm International Peace Research Institute (SIPRI).

Rearranging the infrastructure for US military intervention in the Philippines and the Asia-Pacific: resistance and solidarity

by Roland G. Simbulan, Professor and Vice Chancellor, University of the Philippines (This is an edited version of Professor Simbulan's speech at the International Peace Meeting, Tokyo, Japan, October 22, 2005)

US study finds H-bomb tests still causing cancer in Marshalls

A study has found that the number of cancers caused by hydrogen bomb testing in the Marshall Islands is set to double, more than half a century after the tests were conducted in the tiny Pacific nation.

Japan to host US nuclear carrier

Japan is to allow a US nuclear-powered aircraft carrier to be stationed in its waters for the first time.

Issue No. 9 Winter 2005

Report Of The Protests Against Talisman Sabre 2005

The giant US-Australian military exercise called 'Talisman Sabre' did not proceed without opposition. The national and Brisbane Anti-Bases Campaigns called for a 'peace convergence' on the Rockhampton area for the long weekend of June 10 to 13.

Scenes From The Protest Against Talisman Sabre 2005

Over the long weekend June 10, 11 and 12 a series of actions and events were organised by the Anti-Bases group and others against the giant US-Australian military exercise to highlight a number of concerns. The area of Shoalwater Bay near Rockhampton is set to become a new US base, which needs to be highlighted and condemned.

Air warfare destroyers

Construction of the three theatre missile defence air warfare destroyers is getting closer as the Federal Government awards contracts to mostly US linked corporations.

Houston, we still have a problem. An alternative annual report on Halliburton

In May this year Halliburton held its annual shareholders meeting in Houston. Inside, CEO David Lesar congratulated himself on the astonishing US$7.1 billion revenue the company has made off its recent work in Iraq. This number is double what the company made in the war-torn country the previous year and boosts Halliburton's overall revenue some 25 per cent, bringing it to over $20 billion for 2004.

Sale of Aegis to Australia

The Pentagon announced in late May the sale of three Aegis naval weapons systems to Australia, saying it would increase the ability of the US and Australian navies to operate together.

Protest at Tidbinbilla against militarisation of space

About 15 protesters representing the Anti-Bases Campaign Coalition, Canberra Program for Peace, and OzPeace occupied the Visitors' Centre at the Canberra Deep Space Communication Complex (CDSCC) Tidbinbilla on April 29 to draw attention to the accelerating militarisation and nuclearisation of space in which the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) plays a key role.

Issue No. 8. Autumn 2005

Join the Peace Convergence, Shoalwater Bay, Queensland.

Talisman Sabre is the largest military exercise to occur in Australia to date, with 30,000 troops expected to participate. It will involve nuclear powered and nuclear capable vessels, firing live ammunition and explosives from land and aircraft, amphibious assaults, sinking vessels, the use of high power sonar and active sonobuoys, parachuting and land force manoeuvres.

Us Training Base At Vieques An Ecological Disaster

The people of Vieques in Puerto Rico have seen their environment devastated and their health undermined by decades of US military exercises on their land.

New Us National Defence Strategy

The use of space "enables us to project power anywhere in the world from secure bases of operation," says the Pentagon's National Defense Strategy, which Defense Secretary Rumsfeld signed on March 1.

Orchids At Menwith Hill Success At Last!

On January 7 this year, "Flossie Mintballs" , one of the WoMenwith Hill women, wrote to the AABCC:

Canada Rejects Star Wars

Peace activists are celebrating the Canadian Government's decision not to have any further involvement in the US missile defence program.

Bases Of Insecurity

Paper presented by Denis Doherty, Australian Anti-Bases Campaign Coalition national co-ordinator, to the recent Peace, Justice and Reconciliation in the Asia Pacific Region, an international conference organised by the Australian Centre for Peace and Conflict Studies, University of Queenslan

Containing China

New CIA Director Porter Goss says China's military modernisation poses a direct threat to the US. Defence Secretary Donald Rumsfeld told the Senate Armed Services Committee that within a decade the Chinese navy could surpass the US Navy and that China is "increasingly moving their navy further from shore."

Two Missile Defense Test Failures

After two years without any tests, the last two missile defence tests have failed.

Nato Moves Ahead On Theatre Missile Defence

In a worrying development, the North Atlantic Council launched its theatre missile defence (TMD) program by approving the Charter for the Program Management Organisation. The decision, taken on 11 March this year, paves the way for the financing and purchase of the NATO TMD system.

Fight Over Funding For Bunker Busters

The Pentagon wants the US Congress to restore funding for research into nuclear bunker busters which was dropped from the budget last year.

Bush Administration Looks To Space To Fight

The Pentagon is developing a suborbital space capsule that would be launched from the United States and could deliver conventional weapons anywhere in the world within two hours.

The Tsunami And Us Bases In Australia

How is it possible that, with the extensive US assets in this region watching the surface of the earth, the Boxing Day 2004 tsunami escaped detection? The US has many satellites monitoring the earth with infrared, photographic imaging and other techniques. Of course US military satellites are not intended to help people in emergencies and were of no use during the crisis.

Nz Activists Want Spy Base Closed

Activists are vowing to step up a campaign to close the government spy base at Tangimoana, near Palmerston North.

Ing Disinvests From Weapons

In a press release from Brussels on 24 March, peace groups Netwerk Vlaanderen, Forum voor Vredesactie, For Mother Earth and Vrede have welcomed the decision by ING, the largest private financial institution in the Benelux countries, and the 11th largest in the world, to no longer invest in companies producing controversial weapons.

Pine Gap - Notice to Quit

In November this year, the Federal Government can give three years notice that it intends to terminate the agreement which permits the US base at Pine Gap to continue operating

Issue No. 7. Summer 2004

No "Training Bases", No "Smart Bombs Tell The Us To Give Us Our Land Back!

With the re-election of Howard and Bush, Australia's subservience to the United States will increase. We can expect a far greater number of joint exercises between the military of the two countries in coming years and greater integration of Australia's forces in the US military. Security analysts say that Australia will become one of the highest-priority training grounds for the US in the world.

Us To Test "Smart Bombs" In Australia

This is an edited version of an item on ABC Radio's The World Today, November 5 2004

Military spending $55 million a day and rising..Government Big-Ticket Military Spending

With the election over, a triumphant Howard Government is about to embark on a rush of big-ticket equipment purchases, including billions of dollars of military spending.

Us Military Bases

The United States has dramatically expanded its military presence in the Middle East and Central Asia and now has bases or shares military installations in Afghanistan, Turkey, Iraq, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Bahrain, Qatar, the United Arab Emirates, Oman, Ethiopia, Pakistan, Uzbekistan, Tajikistan and Kyrgyzstan, as well as on the island of Diego Garcia in the Indian Ocean.

Anti-Nuclear Protester Killed In France

Sébastien Briat, a 21 year old anti-nuclear protester, has died in north-eastern France after being run over by a train carrying nuclear waste from France to Germany.

You Can Run - But You Can't Hide

New technology developed by the Defence Science and Technology Organisation will help military surveillance analysts to locate hard-to-find moving targets.

Spin Death Or Allegory

The United States military once charged into the field with operation names such as Torch (North Africa 1942 ), Chromite (Korea 1950), Masher (Vietnam 1996 ) and Killer (Korea 1951).

Air Force Pursuing Antimatter Weapons

The U.S. Air Force is quietly spending millions of dollars investigating ways to use a radical power source -- antimatter, the eerie "mirror" of ordinary matter -- in future weapons.


Swarms of small expendable unmanned aircraft may become part of Australia's defence arsenal in the future.

Us Navy Testing Du Weapons In Fishing Areas

Opposition to the new US "training bases" in Australia and plans to test "smart bombs" in Australia has been reinforced by news that the US Navy routinely puts human lives at risk by testing radioactive, toxic ammunition in prime fishing areas off the coast of Washington.

Doubts About Us Anti-Missile System

At a newly constructed launch site on a treeshorn plain in central Alaska, a large crane crawls from silo to silo, gently lowering missiles into their holes. The sleek white rockets, each about five stories tall, are designed to soar into space and intercept warheads headed toward the United States.

Doubts About Us Anti-Missile System

There are serious doubts, even within the Pentagon, about whether a system that is on its way to costing more than $100 billion will work. Several key components have fallen years behind schedule and will not be available until later.

Issue No. 6. Spring 2004

More New Bases

Australia has signed on for three new "training bases" with the US military at the annual Australian-US Ministerial Consultations (AUSMIN) in Washington in July.

Defence Minister Hill Comes Clean On Star Wars

In a revealing interview with David Speers on Sky News' Australian Agenda program on 27 June this year, Defence Minister Senator Hill gave some interesting answers on the Howard Government's thinking about Star Wars.

New Anti-Bases Group In Brisbane

The Brisbane Anti-Bases Group is just starting up! We will be working locally through political lobbying, awareness raising and action, and networking with other Queenslanders to oppose the Shoalwater Bay Joint Training Facility, north of Rockhampton, approximately 50 kilometres from Yeppoon.

Rockhampton/Yeppoon August 2004

The Australian Government's decision to make Shoalwater Bay another United States base (see cover story) impacts directly on the people of Yeppoon and Rockhampton. The front line struggle against US bases in Australia now includes Queensland as well as the Northern Territory.

Shoalwater Bay Dugong Sanctuary

Earlier in the year it was announced that the United States was interested in having a joint training facility at Shoalwater Bay 50km north of Yeppoon on the central Queensland coast.

Us Marine Exercises May Be Moved To Australia

A senior official at the US National Security Council has said that US marines stationed in Okinawa may conduct their exercises in Australia in the future to reduce the burden on Japan of hosting such a large concentration of US forces.

Howard Government Commits To Star Wars

At the Australia-United States ministerial consultations (AUSMIN) in Washington in early July, Defence Minister Senator Hill finally officially committed Australia to joining the US "Star Wars" anti-missile program, despite strong opposition to the project.

Star Wars Cannot Work

According to a report released by the Union of Concerned Scientists on 13 May, the US Star Wars project due to be deployed by 30 September this year is incapable of shooting down any incoming warheads.

New Missiles

The Howard Government has made a series of recent decisions which significantly upgrade the missiles used by the ADF, including introducing state of the art systems which are elements of theatre

Howard Scoops The Pool At The Brown Nose Awards

The inaugural Brown Nose Award Gala was held in Sydney on 4th July. M.C. Tug Dumbly began proceedings with his Declaration Of Dependence and in his best John Howard voice, declared "We are endowed with certain unalienable rights, like life, liberty and the pursuit of U.S. Foreign Policy.

Is Missile Defense Needed?

The Bush administration plans to deploy a national missile defense system in California and Alaska that has already cost $130 billion. This year, the Bush budget calls for spending yet another $10.2 billion.

Sinister Milestone The First Weapon In Space

The human race has passed a sinister milestone. The United States has broken a long-held taboo and launched the first weapon into the global commons of outer space.

Usable Nukes

The United States Senate on June 15 endorsed funding to study new kinds of nuclear bombs, including a 100-kiloton nuclear "bunker-buster" capable of burrowing underground and destroying deeply buried targets making it more likely that nuclear weapons would be used.


Ron Gray will was a quiet but incredibly energetic force behind a long, long list of activities in support of peace and disarmament over many years.

Issue No. 5. Winter 2004

Howard's Appeasement Of U.S. Militarism

No wonder Howard has been nominated for two awards at Anti-Bases' Brown Nose Award Gala to be held on July 4. As if he hasn't already done enough to scoop the pool, Howard and Defence Minister Hill are headed for Washington in June/July to sign an agreement to station American military forces in Australia near Darwin. As our Autumn issue stated, this qualitatively develops Australian integration into the US war machine.

John Howard Favourite For Brown Nose Awards

Comedian Tug Dumbly will join Urthboy and Ozibatla from The Herd, Andy Clockwise, Bertie Blackman, Morgan, Professor Mike McKinley and more at the 2004 Brown Nose Awards at the Gaelic Club on Sunday, July 4 from 4-7pm.

Sea Swap - A Us Military Expansion Into Australia by Bruce Cornwall

Sea Swap is the innocuous designation given by the United States navy to a program to change over American warship crews in foreign ports.

Hill Closes Gap On Howard

Defence Minister Robert Hill has closed the gap with John Howard in the race for the coveted Brown Nose of the Year Award for outstanding achievement in going all the way with the USA.

Headquarters For New Wedgetails

Defence Minister Robert Hill opened the new headquarters for Australia's $3.27 billion Airborne Early Warning and Control (AEW&C) Wedgetail aircraft in March this year.


Grassroots Resistance to Violations of International Law (GROVIL) is offering $5,000 reward for the arrest and conviction for complicity in Iraq war crimes of any MP supportive of the war on Iraq

Book Review: Star Wars - Us Tools Of Space Supremacy

Loring Wirbel's "Star Wars - US Tools of Space Supremacy" is a 'must read' for activists who wish to be informed about the nature of modern war and the politicians who promote it. The book points out that Star Wars is a program in progress, not merely a development yet to come. The use of space for both conventional and nuclear earthly wars is still around the corner, but its beginnings can be seen in the blitzkriegs against Afghanistan and Iraq. According to Wirbel, what is yet to come is ominous.

Nt Government Opposes New Us Base

The Anti-Bases Coalition recently wrote to the Northern Territory Government raising concerns about the new United States base proposed for Darwin. We have received the following reply from Peter Blake, Chief Executive Officer, Department of Business, Industry & Resource Development of the Northern Territory Government

AEIGIS: Greek For "Shield", American For "Aggression"

The US is rapidly expanding its anti-missile systems around the world, including in Australia. The US is spending $50 billion a year (the cost of providing clean water for everyone on earth) on Star Wars. For Washington, getting its allies aboard makes it easier politically and financially to push ahead with a system that critics have described as too costly and unproven.

Us Aegis Destroyer In Sea Of Japan By September

The U.S. Navy will deploy a destroyer equipped with the Aegis combat system in the Sea of Japan in September as part of efforts to build a missile defense network.

Poll: Americans Support Arms Control

Americans continue to fear weapons of mass destruction and believe the Bush administration should work more closely with U.S. allies to stop their spread, according to a US opinion poll released in April.

New Mexico, War Machine By Bob Anderson

The protest sign reads: "New Mexico #1 in Killing Machines." It has an image of an atom bomb cloud, a stealth jet and a space-based laser. It also says: "Last in schools, health care, living wages, democracy, environment, water."

Issue No. 4. Autumn 2004

New American Army Base Proposed

Defence Minister Robert Hill visited Washington on November 21 last year for discussions with American Secretary of Defence Donald Rumsfeld. During that visit US officials briefed Fairfax reporter Tom Allard about an American plan to house large numbers of tanks (100 or more), artillery and ammunition, plus servicing and training facilities in a military logistics and training base near Darwin

Sorry Kids The Military Have The Bucks!

During January each year in NSW, high school graduating students face the prospect of either getting into or not getting into University.

Australian Radar Systems And Star Wars

Australian radar facilities will also become an important component of the US Star Wars program, in addition to the planned Aegis air warfare destroyers and the US satellite ground station at Pine Gap

Missile Defence For Australia: Vital Development Or Strategic Snake Oil?

from Federal Parliamentary Library Research Note no. 8 2003-04 by Alex Tewe, Foreign Affairs, Defence and Trade Group, 18 August 2003

Brigitte And Alice Springs And Pine Gap

The material printed below is a response of the Anti-Bases to the story of the alleged terrorist Brigitte and Pine Gap.

Struggle To Remove Us Space Base On Diego Garcia

Diego Garcia is a beautiful Indian Ocean Island in the Chagos Archipelago, a part of the Republic of Mauritius. On Diego Garcia is one of the biggest military bases in the world.

Pentagon Prepares For War In Space

An Air Force report is giving what analysts call the most detailed picture since the end of the Cold War of the Pentagon's efforts to turn outer space into a battlefield.

Military Moon And Mars

The space policy announced by George W. Bush to establish permanent bases on the moon and an aggressive program to take humans to Mars will be enormously expensive, dangerous, and will create unnecessary conflict as they expand nuclear power and weapons into space -- all disguised as the noble effort to hunt for the "origins of life".

Lockheed Martin Gets $505 Million For Pac-3 Missile

Dallas - Lockheed Martin has received production contracts totaling $505 million for Patriot Advanced Capability-3 (PAC-3) Missiles and related support equipment. The battle-proven PAC-3 Missile is currently the world's only fielded hit-to-kill, pure kinetic energy air defense missile.

Preventing An Arms Race In Space

For several years, while China and other nations have pushed for an agreement aimed at preventing an arms race in outer space, the United States has insisted that no such treaty is necessary. In August 2003, China offered a compromise in its demands, hoping for a US moderation of its refusal, but no progress was made.

Us Military Will Stay In Georgia

US officials have said that their military presence in Georgia will now become permanent.

Issue 3. Nov 2003.

Australia Signs Up For Star Wars

The Howard Government announced on 4 December its decision to join the United States in developing the controversial "missile defense" or Star Wars program. The Federal Government is dragging us into a massively expensive, controversial and still-experimental system, which will make Australia complicit in US plans to turn space into new arena of war.

Canadian Debate on Star Wars

A Canadian federal cabinet decision could trap Canada into permanently supporting the US military's missile defence scheme. And Canadians won't know what hit them because Defence Minister John McCallum is keeping the negotiations under wraps.

Stop the swap

Sea Swap is an agreement between the United States Navy and the Australian Government to allow the rotation of US Navy crews in the Port of Fremantle, Western Australia.

Us Base In Darwin A Threat To National Security

Despite Australian Government denials, it is clear that a tank unit will be based in Darwin, probably transferred, perhaps with additional marine units, from Okinawa (Japan).

Us Congressional Report Critical Of Missile Defence Deployment Plans

Inuit Battle To Shut Star Wars Base

Inuit hunters have asked Denmark's Supreme Court to close down one of America's most secretive and strategically important military bases.

The Most Militant Anti-Bases Campaign In The World

Foreign military bases in Australia are spy bases, centres for developing weapons systems, and staging locales for troop movements and exercises. In some parts it's a damn sight more offensive than that.

Space Rights Proposal To Be Launched At Lunar ConferencE

The International Lunar Conference 2003 was held in Hawaii from November 16 to 22. As well as its stated purpose of getting back to the Moon, the. conference saw the launch of a proposal dealing with extra-terrestrial property rights.

Australia's Theatre Missile Defence

The Howard Government's Defence Capability Review, released in early November, gave the green light for Australia to join the US missile defence program with three new RAN warships, something the US has been demanding for some time. The purchase of the ships has little to do with defending Australia and a lot to do with the aggressive star wars program.

Bush's Battle To Dominate Space

The United Nations Conference on Disarmament in Geneva adjourned in September, completely deadlocked. This is the body that since 1959 has hammered out the great arms control and reduction treaties.

Qantas Claims Added Security Is To Protect Space Base, Not People

QANTAS has blasted the Federal Government for making the airline foot the bill for extra security around the top-secret US military base at Pine Gap.

Bush Wants Moon Bases Next

The Bush administration is developing a new strategy for the nation's space program that would send American astronauts back to the moon for the first time in more than 30 years, according to administration and congressional officials who said the plan includes a manned mission to Mars.

Letter To Bush From The Yorkshire Moors

Dear George, I wish you had the time to visit us here in North Yorkshire. I am writing this letter as I travel on the bus from our village - Goathland - into Whitby, on the North Sea coast. Although a small, relatively isolated village, it receives a disproportionate amount of publicity, mainly because it is the nearest village to the base that houses the tracking system for America's missile defence project.