Asia-Pacific Defence & Security Exhibition (APDSE)

11-13 November 2008. Adelaide Convention Centre

The Asia Pacific Defence and Security Exhibition is a promotion of weapons meant for the death and destruction of men, women and children. It cannot be allowed to proceed without challenge.

The Australian Anti-Bases Coalition works for reduced arms spending and manufacture. We call on you to join us in resisting the many armed conflicts around the world today and the waste of resources needed for health, welfare, education and environ­mental repair.

The world today

In 2007 there were 14 major armed conflicts in 13 locations.

"Global arms production is increasing, with arms sales by the 100 largest arms-producing companies amount­ing $315 billion in 2006, an increase of 8% in nominal terms over 2005. US companies dominate the top 100 both numerically and financially."

Peace and security for Australia

Australia's security cannot be based on weapons. It will come from policies that provide people with jobs, food for their families, and freedom from environmental catastrophe. Adding to the numbers of weapons in different countries and promoting weapons manufacturers will not bring security - it perpetuates the cycle of violence.

"Human suffering on an individual level and conflict and violence on communal, regional and international levels can be significantly reduced if individuals and communities feel secure and protected from threats..." *

Cut military spending in Australia

Australia ranks 14th in the world for military spending with an annual budget of $22 billion. The Federal Government plans to increase this by 3% annually till 2016 even though Australia is not under threat of attack by any country. Many larger countries including Indonesia, Turkey and Canada do not spend as much on the military.

Arms trade

Australia is not a big arms trader but it provides venues like APDSE for the merchants of death to display and sell their wares.

The USA, Russia, Germany, France and the UK accounted for about 80% of the international arms trade between 2003 and 2007. There is no reason for Australia to support these countries and their major arms corporations. *

Who supports Australia's arms industry?

Our campaign is to challenge the world arms trade as it shows its face in Australia.

The Australian Anti-Bases Campaign calls for:

Figures and quotes are sourced from the Swedish Institute for Peace Research and Information SIPRI)

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