URGENT - deadline for submission August 31, 2000

Defend our future - don't waste it

Urgent action is needed to stop the Federal Government from approving increased spending on unnecessary military hardware that puts Australia at risk.

The federal government has set up a committee to review military spending. Committee chairman Andrew Peacock has been quoted as saying the only people who have made submissions are in favour of increasing spending.

We believe government plans to blindly support the US and buy massively expensive and inappropriate military hardware that will damage Australia's security.

If you don't get involved, Australia will be subject to a repeat of the dodgy and wasteful purchase of unreliable equipment - e.g. Collins Submarines.

If our taxes are not spent effectively, it means less money for:

Put simply, Australia cannot afford to continue to pay the price of outdated, cold war military strategies.

We believe it is crucial community groups, unions, non-government organisations and concerned individuals make submissions to the Federal Government's Defence Review 2000 Committee.

It's up to you to put the counter view. To have your say, contact The Blue Paper Project, a coalition of community and non-government groups who aim to generate debate on Australia's military role in the 21st Century.

The Blue Paper Project has produced easy-to-use campaign materials to help you make a submission.

Telephone 02 9517 9425 or email

You need to act NOW. The deadline for submissions is August 31.

Let the government know they can't get away with their support of the arms industry.