Crocodile 2003

The Australian military budget for 2003/2004 put aside $400 million for war games. The biggest and most expensive of these is Crocodile 2003, a joint US-Australian military exercise.

Crocodile 2003 will involve 2,500 American troops plus ships and planes together with 40 per cent of the Australian Defence Force.

Taking place in Rockhampton and other centres along the eastern coast throughout September, these war games will include practising invading, bombing runs and interdicting ships.

These war games will be practising for the next war and to ensure that Australian troops can follow US military orders.

The United States Government is developing new nuclear weapons and has adopted a policy of "pre-emptive strikes". This is provocative, destabilising and dangerous. Any association with US military interests creates grave dangers for our country's security.

The total Australian military budget is now over $43 million a day. Our community would be far better served if at least ten per cent of this huge sum of money were used to save Medicare, restore bulk billing and to provide the funding needed by our public hospital system.

The world has seen three US-led wars in the last four years. We do not want another and we oppose practising for further US wars. Australians should not have to pay for the United States and Australian Governments making war on North Korea, Syria, Iran or any other impoverished country.

Organised by Australian Anti-Bases Campaign Coalition in association with Sydney Peace and Justice Coalition

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