NMD/Pine Gap/Star Wars

Pine Gap Notice to Quit!

In November this year the Federal Government can give three year's notice that it intends to terminate the agreement which permits the United States base to continue operating at Pine Gap.

Pine Gap is one of the largest and most important United States war fighting and intelligence gathering bases in the world. It is also a front-line base for the US Star Wars system.

Between November 1 and November 14, email, fax, write, phone and/or call the Minister for Defence, demanding that the Government give notice to terminate the agreement and close down Pine Gap.


Pine Gap, 20 kms southeast of Alice Springs, is one of the largest and most important United States war fighting and intelligence bases in the world. It is a satellite ground control station. It has been an important element of Star Wars for decades. It employs over 1,000 US and Australian personnel.

Established in 1968, it now consists of around 20 radomes working as satellite receiving stations for the various satellite programs such as reconnaissance and signals interception.

Every branch of the US military as well as the National Reconnaissance Office, National Security Agency and the CIA are stationed at Pine Gap.

Pine Gap's most important role is processing information gathered by satellites and transmitting that information to the United States. The satellites span a strategically important third of the globe, encompassing China, southern Russia and the Middle East oil fields.

Pine Gap receives from satellites and forwards to the US early warning of missile launches. It also provides information on the launch site, missile type, velocity, and what kind of warhead the missile may carry, intelligence for US economic and military activities.

US satellites transmitting through Pine Gap monitor missile launches and military, economic, political and domestic telephone, microwave and VHF radio communications from allies and enemies alike.

They provide photographic surveillance of terrain, buildings, troop movements, the results of bombing raids, etc. The satellites can also intercept radar emanations, allowing mapping of air defences, anti-ballistic missile radars and early-warning radars.

The Australian parliamentary Joint Standing Committee on Treaties has complained that MPs are kept in the dark about Pine Gap. Although members of the US Congress have visited Pine Gap and received classified briefings about its functions, the Treaties Committee is "entrusted with less information than can be found in a public library".

Pine Gap has been converted into a front-line base for the US "missile defence" (Star Wars) system. It has taken over the role of early detection of missiles and is integral to the change from the nearly obsolete DSP (Defence Support Program) satellites to the Space Based Infra-Red System (SBIRS), which is a key element in missile defence.

Missile defence is not a benign, defensive nuclear umbrella. It is a controversial space battle system which aims to allow the US to attack other countries without fear of retaliation. NMD is concerned mainly with offense -- with using space to establish domination over the world below.

The U.S. Space Command speak s of "dominating the space dimension of military operations to protect U.S. interests and investment." US missile defence is the armed wing of corporate globalisation.