Reduce Military Spending

The Queensland Floods

The cost of Queensland’s reconstruction after cyclone Yasi and the devastating floods is put at $5 billion.

To pay for this, the Federal Government is cutting environmental programs, education programs and housing programs. It did not consider cutting the military budget.

Every two years a joint Australian-American military exercise called Talisman Sabre takes place at Shoalwater Bay in central Queensland. It costs about $100 million.

Talisman Sabre 2011 is planned for July this year, despite pleas from many people for it to be cancelled to protect flood affected land and to save money which could help rebuild the state.

Australian Comparisons

Building the Educational Revolution; $16.1 billion ½ of 1 year's military spending
The Government’s 2 year economic stimulus plan - $42 billion 1 year and 3 months military spending
Move Royal Adelaide Hospital to a new site - $1.7 billion 3 weeks military spending
Refurbish Royal Hobart Hospital - $1 billion 2 weeks military spending
Government funding of large, grid-connected solar projects (Solar Flagships Program) – $1.5 billion 3 weeks of military spending
Refurbish Royal North Shore Hospital (Sydney) - $1 billion 2 weeks military spending
Rebuild Wagga Wagga Base Hospital – $290 million 3 days military spending
$100 mill for Tamworth’s hospital Just over a day’s military spending
Just over a day’s military spending
Acute care beds for Dubbo and Orange Base Hospital - $5 million 1 and half hours military spending
EcoTransit's light rail plan for inner west Sydney – $414 million 4 days of military spending
Australian overseas aid -- $4.3 billion 1½ months military spending
Queensland reconstruction after the cyclone and floods --- $5 billion 2 months military spending