Reduce Military Spending:

Time to Reduce Military Spending! Time to speak out!
Time for action!

Ways to contribute to the Reduce Military Spending campaign:

Now/Quick Actions:

  • Write or email the PM. Click here for sample letter.
  • Write to the Defence Minister.
  • Write, visit, email or phone your local member to state your concerns and ask for reduction in defence spending and a review of policy. Sample letter here. Find your local member here
  • Talk about your concerns to your family, friends, workmates, neighbours, community group, union, etc.
  • Send a letter-to-the editor of your daily newspaper. Find email addresses of major Australian newspapers here.
  • Research and help expose the arms lobby;
  • Take part in street theatre or demo for peace; use online discussion groups, blogs, FaceBook, Twitter; design a banner, write a poem, make music
  • Join the campaign.
  • Get on our mailing list/email list for actions and support.
  • Join the peace and disarmament group of your choice.

Long Term Actions:

  • Join the Australian Anti-Bases Campaign. Click here for details.
  • Come to Talisman Sabre July 2011. Details..