Talisman Sabre 2007

Sydney solidarity demo

held June 15 outside Defence Dept Pitt St, Sydney

Welcome at the Rockhampton Airport by Indigenous leaders

In solidarity with the peace protests, visitors came from Kapai'Aina ( Hawaii ) and Gua'han ( Guam ). Terri Leko'olani and Leimaile Quitevis from Kapai'Aina and Fanai Castro, a Chamorro from Gua'han were warmly welcomed at Rockhampton Airport by Aunty Jeannette and Aunty Olilve elders of the Darumbal people who are the traditional owners of the Shoalwater Bay area.

Women's conference in Rockhampton

View of Terri Leko'olani addressing this conference

First Demonstration at Rockhampton Barracks on Friday June 22nd

Greengate bockade

The main gate to Shoalwater Training Area is called Greengate and it is 90 minutes drive north of Rockhampton. On Saturday June 23rd protesters blocked the entrance the road leading to this entrance and with the alternative route flooded the operations of TS07 were severely limited for that day.

Yeppoon March

A march of over 1200 people was held in Yeppoon which combined those visiting for the rally and the locals. The march went from the old Railway Station in Yeppoon to the beach front where a rally was held.

Final Rally

A final rally was held at the gates of Rockhampton Barracks was held before most of the visiting peace convergence protesters travelled back to their homes.

Full report of TS07 peace convergence here.