Day of Mass Ridicule October 19, 2003 held at Prince Alfred Park, Sydney

A crowd of between 3-4,000 gathered at Prince Alfred Park to give President George W. Bush the welcome 'he deserves'.

The event opened with several acts by well known singing artists from around Sydney.

The Masters of Ceremony were 'stars' from the TV show CNNNN Charles Firth and Craig Reucassel. They opened the afternoon with a search for weapons of mass destruction. Suspicion fell on the Pages truck (a party hire firm), and some suggestions that the group holding AMWU flags were a bit off, were aired. However, as in Iraq no weapons were found so we were very happy to be at least with George W. on that score.

The best cowboy/oops western outfit was judged. Limerick, best placard/banner, and best installation competition were held.

The crowd was invited to participate by giving the W sign with four fingers. The crowd was educated in making this sign by the two stars from CNNNN. Later the crowd joined the world's longest ironic line dance.

The words went something like this:

Move to the right, further to the right
bow and scrape, bow and scrape
bend over backwards,
bend over backwards.

The event was one of great creativity and joy but the purpose was very serious. The purpose was to say that we need to get rid of our dependence on the US.