Sydney outrage
at commencement of bombing of Iraqi people:
Sydney, Thursday 20th March 2003

About 25,000 people poured out of their offices and worksites, from homes, schools, campuses and many other places to rally at Sydney Town Hall Square at just 3 hours notice to join the anti-war protest in Sydney on 20 March. The passionate, grieving and determined crowd applauded a series of speakers who were united in their demand for the war to stop, for Australian troops to be brought home immediately, and for the anti-war movement to build and grow to even greater numbers until the Howard Government changes it policy or is thrown out of office.

After the speakers participants marched past the US Consulate and Prime Minister Howard's office. At both locations boos and slogans such as "Shame Howard Shame" shook the walls of city buildings.

The march then proceeded to Curcular Quay where it dispersed.