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All the way with the US – again!

Press Release: Sept 16 2011

The AUSMIN talks between Defence Minister Smith and Foreign Minister Rudd with their US counterparts have underlined Australia’s policy of following the US lead wherever it goes. This is a modern variant of the Vietnam War era “all the way with LBJ” posture, a sycophantic position which is an insult to Australia’s independence.

After the talks Minister Smith spoke in generalities about strengthening co-operation in ballistic missile defence. He emphasised the need for “defence” but the US missile defence system is in reality an offensive strategy which allows attack without fear of retaliation.

As Admiral Noel Gayler, former Commander-in-Chief US forces Pacific, said, there is neither room nor necessity for long-range strike weapons in current forces: "They are not instruments of protection or security. They can only be used offensively. Their very existence heightens the terrible tensions existing in a major political crisis."

In addition missile defence development will increase insecurity and tension in our region. What is required are peaceful forms of relationship and confidence building that can contribute to peace and security in Asia and the Pacific.

Pressed to name where the threat which requires such “defence” comes from, Minister Smith mentioned North Korea.

However, North Korean missiles are short range and no threat to Australia, in contrast to US missiles which can target any place on earth.

Defence Minister Smith refused to name China as the “enemy” although the AUSMIN talks clearly underline the position in the Defence White Paper that Australia is acting in coalition with the US to contain China, our major trading partner.

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