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Press Release August 11, 2014

Ausmin Talks 2014 — expect to see Australia paying for entire cost of the Marines in Darwin

As dedicated watchers of the US-Australia alliance we expect that the Australia Government will agree to pay the entire cost of Marines in Darwin at the 2014 AUSmin talks.

We have been campaigning against the stationing of US Marines in Darwin and have constantly been asking who will pay the bill? Said Denis Doherty of the Australian Anti-Bases Campaign Coalition.

The Government has been evasive but mentioned they would be announcing the decision in early August, so we presume the AUSMIN is as good as any place to make the announcement.

The buzz about Iraq will cover this information but as far as Australians are concerned this decision is far more important that a bit of emergency care to Iraq. We are not objecting to the Iraq relief just to the possibility that this issue will obscure the Marines in Darwin.

The decision means that Australia will pay either $1.6 billion in a once up or $1.6 per year we do not have the exact figures yet but the $1.6 bill is being bandied around.

In midst of attacking pensioners, the sick and the jobless on the excuse that the economy is bad, how can they argue to throw around $1.6 bill once or yearly?

For more information contact Denis Doherty 0418 290 663


Government response to AABCC objections here.