AABCC Press Releases Thursday, 19 October 2006

Bush Space Policy about attack not defence.

The new US space policy announced in the Australian media today is not about any benign objectives."; This policy is the work of a US who calls itself the ";masters of space".

"This US Space Policy and Australia's collaboration with it has been going on for many years."; We reject both the US space policy and Australian compliance with it." Said Denis Doherty spokesperson for the Australian Anti-Bases Campaign.

"The US space command has for years declared that they were going to control space and this is clearly written in documents which are nearly ten years old."; In a document prepared by the US Space Command called Vision for 2020 they declared: “US Space Command – dominating the space dimension of military operations to protect US interests and investments."; Integrating Space Forces into war fighting capabilities across the full spectrum of conflict."

Recently, the General Assembly of the United Nations voted to reaffirm the Outer Space Treaty--the fundamental international law that establishes that space should be reserved for peaceful uses.

"The US has said it rejects any treaty to keep space for peace but it fulminates mightily about countries that do not comply with UN treaties."; Said Mr. Doherty.

The UN treaty states: "the common interest of all mankind in the exploration and use of outer space for peaceful purposes," reaffirms the will of all states that the exploration and use of outer space "shall be for peaceful purposes and shall be carried out for the benefit and in the interest of all countries," and declares "that prevention of an arms race in outer space would avert a grave danger for international peace and security."

"This is in strong contrast to US documents that thunder:"; " A century ago, "Nations built navies to protect and enhance their commercial interests" by ruling the seas, the report notes. Now it is time to rule space.

"One US General said, "We're going to fight from space, and we're going to fight into space. That's why the U.S. has development programs in directed energy and hit-to-kill mechanisms. We will engage terrestrial targets someday -- ships, airplanes, land targets -- from space." Space Command told Aviation Week and Space Technology in 1996.

"The US wars against Iraq were the first "space wars" as the space component of the war was substantial.";

"Whenever the US goes to war, prepares for ";missile defense";, uses drones to assassinate people in Yemen or even when Israel goes to war they are using US ";space-based"; assets."; Australian collaboration is fairly massive both concretely and politically."; The major facility in Australia to prosecute a space-based war is Pine Gap."; For world peace it is essential that the Australian Government withdraws from any assistance to this US war mongering policy.

For more information: Denis Doherty 0418 290 663 or 02) 9698 2954 (w) or 9660 7562 (h).