Press release 18 December 2002

Bush call for STAR WARS Deployment to further DESTABILISE the WORLD

The Bush administration call for deployment of a yet to be proven "missile defence" system by election time in 2004 is further evidence that security and safety are not their top priority. Instead high on their list are Bush's re-election, subsidies for the weapons corporations and increased destabilization of the global order.

Already facing mounting budget deficits the U.S. treasury will be further drained by Bush funding for Star Wars research and development as billions will be poured into the Star Wars sink hole. The Democratic Party so far has been a willing partner in this effort.

According to Denis Doherty, Coordinator of the Australian Anti-Bases Campaign Coalition, "George W. Bush is not interested in reducing tensions around the Earth. If he was he would not have walked away from the ABM Treaty. Now with a free hand he intends to ramp up the arms race which will ensure maximum profits for his weapons industry friends. And from the ensuing new arms race in space those same corporate allies will make even more grotesque profits in the coming years. It's a win-win situation for them."

In addition the Bush administration is pushing early deployment of Theatre Missile Defence (TMD), also called boost-phase defence, that would be forward deployed into the Middle East and the Asian-Pacific region. TMD will be used to virtually surround China with U.S. deployments in Taiwan, Japan, South Korea and on ships and planes throughout the region. This will force China into building more nuclear weapons, they only have 20 today, and off we go to a new arms race.

At the same time Bush announced the 2004 deployments for Alaska, his team was also making formal requests to England and Denmark to allow the U.S. to expand and upgrade radar facilities in the U.K. and on Greenland (whose foreign policy is controlled by the Danes.) Upgrades of these facilities will allow the U.S. to integrate these installations into the global Star Wars coordination program. These requests have enlivened debate in those countries by opponents of Star Wars who claim that their countries now become prime targets for retaliation.

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