AABCC Press Release

March of the Invisibles

Press Release Saturday 27 July

The Invisibles, dressed in white and masked, symbolise the silent majority – the majority of men and women whose voices for peace and justice are ignored by both Labor and Liberal Governments.

“Polls in recent years tell us that about 70 per cent of Australians opposed Australian involvement in the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan,” Dr Hannah Middleton from the Independent and Peaceful Australia Network (IPAN) said.

“About 80 per cent of respondents do not want more of their taxes spent on the military.

“But Canberra does not listen,” she said.

Refusing to be silenced, the Invisibles walked from Belmore Park to Town Hall Square on Saturday 27 July 2013 to call for no US marines in Darwin, no US foreign military bases on our land, and no US drone base on the Cocos Islands.

“Military spending is not good for the Australian economy,” Denis Doherty from the Australian Anti-Bases Campaign said.

“Australia spends $25 billion a year on the military -- that’s $68 million every single day,

“But military spending is among the most expensive and inefficient ways to create jobs.

“According to a US study, one billion dollars in military spending create 11,600 jobs, while in clean energy, the same amount creates 17,100 jobs; health care, 19,600; and in education, 29,100 jobs.”

At Town Hall Square, marchers were invited to convert a Marine into a happy, productive civilian.

Speakers from the US, the Pacific island of Guam and Australia and a ukulele band entertained the crowd while the conversion competition was underway.

“Our protest today is also against the costs of war games, like the Talisman Saber exercise underway in Queensland now,” Dr Middleton said.

“The dropping of 4 bombs by US aircraft in the Great Barrier Marine Park is just the latest example of the environmental costs of the military exercises which have the unacceptable aim of “interoperability”, turning the ADF into an arm of the US military.”

As former Prime Minister Malcolm Fraser said: “It’s time Australia stood up and learned to be independent.”

For further information please contact Dr Hannah Middleton 0418 668 098

Watch 'March of Invisibles' July 27th, 2013 and Invisibles at Town Hall, Sydney:

NO US marines in Darwin

NO US war fighting and spy bases on our land

NO US drone base on the Cocos Island