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CROCODILE 2003 Provocative and Destabilising

"The Crocodile 2003 joint military exercise heralds the opening drumbeats of war on the Korean peninsula," said Denis Doherty, National Co-ordinator of the Australian Anti-Bases Campaign Coalition.

The Crocodile 2003 war games involve 7,000 Australian and 3,000 American troops together with ships, planes and other equipment. They are being held throughout September at Shoalhaven Bay and other areas around Rockhampton, Queensland and in the Coral Sea.

" The Howard Government's current military doctrine commits the Australian military to involvement in distant high intensity conflict under the leadership of the US,"; Mr Doherty said.

" The Crocodile '03 exercises are part of preparations for the next war, making sure Australian troops can follow US orders efficiently.

" Howard Government unquestioning support for President Bush's aggression makes Australia more of a terrorist target,"; Denis Doherty said.

" Association with US military interests creates grave dangers for our country's security.";

Peace organisations around the country oppose the Crocodile 2003 war games.

" The world has seen three US-led wars in the last four years, including the recent invasion of Iraq which was opposed by over 70 per cent of the Australian people,"; Dr Hannah Middleton, Co-Convenor of the Sydney Peace and Justice Coalition said.

" We do not want another war and we oppose wasting money wanted for social needs at home on war games practising for further US wars.

";Australians should not have to pay for the Bush and Howard Governments making war on any impoverished country that does not fall into line with US interests.

" Our community would be far better served if military spending was diverted to save Medicare, restore bulk billing and provide funding for public hospitals,"; Dr Middleton concluded.

For more information, contact Denis Doherty on 0418 290 663 or Dr Hannah Middleton on 0418 668 098


A peace loving crocodile will lead a protest against the Crocodile 2003 war games on Tuesday, 2 September in Sydney Town Hall Square from 5 to 6.30 pm