AABCC Press Release September 10, 2002

US War base in Australia to be attacked

The involvement of Australia in the war on Iraq will be exposed next month when hundreds of protesters will descend on Pine Gap, the United States war base near Alice Springs.

"We know that Australia's main contribution to the war will be made by the so-called joint facility at Pine Gap. Australia's Defence Minister, Senator Hill clearly says so" said Denis Doherty National Coordinator of the Australian Anti-Bases Campaign Coalition.

"Hundreds of Australians from all walks of life will march on Pine Gap over the long weekend of October 5-7. They will be declaring their opposition to the war against Iraq.

"The Howard Government is in no position to be bellicose about weapons of mass destruction when it has not been a key player in the elimination of nuclear, biological or chemical weapons.

"Instead the Government has stood by while the US has broken arms control and disarmament agreements and said nothing. It has encouraged the US to use Pine Gap to deploy weapons into space for its missile defence system.

"The Government is spurring Australians from all backgrounds to join our protest against Pine Gap which will be held at the gates of the base from 5-7 October."

For more information: contact Denis Doherty 0418 290 663 (mobile) or 9212 0800 (office) www.anti-bases.org